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6 Beers to Christmas: Point, Belgian White

Mike LangBeer

Another night and another trip back across the Atlantic.  Tonight's beer gives me a bit of familia familiarity.  Stevens Point, Wisconsin is not just home to a brewery, it's home to my Aunt, Uncle, and 9 cousins.  Although a visit with family is not possible tonight, a taste of their local brewery is.

Stevens Pont Brewery, or Point, for short, has been brewing for over 150 years, but has only distributed beer outside of Wisconsin the last twenty years.    

6 Beers to Christmas: Point Belgian White

Belgian White is a Belgian Style Wheat Ale.  It poured a cloudy straw color, with a very small head that faded as fast as it appeared.  The nose had bits of orange, while the taste had more orange, with a little bit of spice, and some fleeting sour.  

Although I'm drinking it right before Christmas, I can totally see this as a summer session beer.  Light, crisp, and refreshing.

Now, to tackle Zoë's traditional Christmas cake.  I can't wait for that, too.