Welcome to my little corner of the Internet known as Another Pint Please.  Starting as a travel blog back in 2006, APP was originally a way of sharing one of our trips to the Isle of Wight in England.

Our friends were getting married.  I liked going to pubs and drinking beer(s).  I excelled at embarrassing my wife by taking pictures of food in public.  I enjoyed writing about things I found funny and others didn't.  They were good times.

Unfortunately, the holiday soon came to an end and I found myself back stateside with a dormant blog and too much time on my hands.  Then, in early 2007, two things happened:  I blogged about the unboxing of my new Weber Summit 650 Grill and my good friend, Eric, wrote a blog post entitled "What's on the Grill?".

These two events started me thinking.  I love to grill.  I also enjoy photography, but never really had an outlet for it.  Why not photograph and write about what I grill?  With that splendid, if albeit rare moment of clarity in my life, my "What's on the Grill?" series was born and the direction of APP was changed forever.

With my new focus, I quickly discovered the world of food and beer blogs.  It was a good feeling to know I wasn't alone in my grilled meat worldview.  Not only was I having fun creating my own work, I was learning much more from everyone else.  The great blogs I link to are a testimony to just that.  They are crafted by some very talented people who I have had the pleasure to meet both in and out of the real world.

Over the years, I have highlighted over 300 "What's on the Grill" posts and shared 10,00 plus photographs to Flickr having garnered almost 3 million views. Through Creative Commons licensing, my photos have appeared across the Internet on dozens of websites including LifehackerBuzzFeedVox and the Smithsonian.  In so doing, I honed my grilling skills (somewhat), learned to take better pictures (somewhat), landed on the homepage of Weber Grills, and tried to write so as it appears I did actually graduate from college.  In the summer of 2009 I started writing and taking photographs for Grilled magazine. In 2011, I worked with a partner on photographs, video and recipes for Saffire Grills, my first foray into Kamado cookers.

In 2013, I was fortunate to share My Weber Experience thanks to my great friends at Weber Grills. Currently I'm proud to lend my voice to Weber Nation, as a blogger and "Grillographer" talking up all things grilled and, of course, taking lots of pictures.  While I love being behind the lens, my grilled food has been the focus of the lens in Weber's Unserious Times Broadcast TV campaign2015 catalog shoot, Q in Color ad spots, and 2016 Genesis spots.  Most recently I created videos and content for the Weber Summit Charcoal GrillI've written for Sports Illustrated, grilled live on-air demonstrations on both WKEF & WDTN here in Dayton, and have photographed recipes for the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Cookbook.

So to give you the Cliff Notes version, this is a food blog, originally started as a travel blog, written by a guy who used to have hair, likes to brew beer, has never taken a cooking class, who probably should take a cooking class, and holds up dinner by photographing food.

Another Pint Please will always be a work in progress, and that is fine by me, just as long as all of the work is served hot and the beer is cold.