Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Relatively Wordless Wednesday

Enchiladas on the grill are….amazing.

Grilled Enchiladas

The Weber Q can grill an awesome steak.

Dinner on the Q

As well as some pretty amazing chicken wings.

Grilled BBQ Wings

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Rotisserie Chicken Grilling

My fellow Buckeye, Mike Vrobel, of the great blog, Dad Cooks Dinner, is the master of all things rotisserie and as of this year is author of not one, but two rotisserie grilling cookbooks. His latest, Rotisserie Chicken Grilling, captures what the title suggests: all things chicken.

In the book, Mike jokingly comments on how he thought he might eventually tire of rotisserie chickens, but didn’t. Seeing how he was able to cram over 50 recipes into his work, it’s easy to not only see his love for spinning poultry, but how adaptable and adventurous a simple rotisserie chicken can be.

Roto Chicken

I’m with Mike. I never tire of a good rotisserie chicken and while the rotating canvas may be the same, the brines, rubs, and marinades Mike put together creates a new meal for almost every week of the year.

I asked Mike for a recipe to try out and he suggested the Lemon and Fennel Dry Brine Chicken. His direction was spot on. It was fabulous.

Dry Brined Lemon Fennel Rotisserie Chicken

Mike’s instructions are clear and easy to understand, as he not only gets you through the recipe, he gives you the depth of knowledge on the process and science to really understand what is happening. I know I learned some new things along the way.

I can’t imagine the amount of time and work Mike put into his cookbook. He’s an indie author, meaning everything you see, text, photographs, editing, and layout, is him. It’s quite the accomplishment.

If you are either a seasoned griller, sorry for the pun or just unboxing your first rotisserie spit, I highly suggest Mike’s book. Fittingly, it’s only $9 on Amazon, almost the price of a good chicken.

Note: Mike was nice enough to provide me a reference copy of the book, which I felt bad about, as I should have already purchased my own. He was also kind enough to include me in his bibliography, which is probably the first time in recorded history anyone has ever publicly admitted I’ve had something smart to say. I’m humbled and flattered. Thanks.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Breaking the Cold Snap

After last year’s brutal winter, there’s a reason I’m celebrating high temperatures in the 30s. Even though it is still the dead of winter, I just cannot wait for spring. While the cold weather doesn’t slow my grilling down, warm weather certainly makes it more enjoyable.

Cold Snap

Speaking of change, while I tend to frown on the ever creeping early arrival of seasonal beers, I’m more than happy to see Samuel Adams Cold Snap back on store shelves. Surely it must be a sign!

Cold Snap, a Belgian-style white ale, is a great in-betweener beer to wean me from the heavy stouts of the holidays to the pilsners and lagers of spring. To celebrate not only the release of Cold Snap, but survival of the coldest week of the year, Samuel Adams will be tracking Twitter conversations across the country January 18-24. The cities, that complain the most, will win a series of parties to help break out of the winter funk.

Cold Snap

To see where your hometown ranks, check out their “cold” map. To join in on the conversation, use #SnapTheCold on Twitter. While 30 F is nice right now, I’m suddenly thinking it’s not. We could use a party around here.

Note: Samuel Adams provided me with samples of Cold Snap, which I promptly consumed. I really want to see Dayton, or even Cincinnati, win one of these parties.