Mike LangBeef, Grilling, Pork

Summer Shindig Wrap-up

Mike LangBeef, Grilling, Pork

Any time we plan one of our summer parties, there are three things you can depend on: excessive amounts of meat, an impressive amount of homebrew, and unpredictable weather.  This year’s weather wasn’t torrential rain or lightning, it was heat, and lots of it. Afternoon temperatures were in the 90’s and a heat index over 100.  It was hot.

Meat on Deck

Although it was scorching later in the day, when I started the grills around 8 AM (per my list), it was beautiful.   For the Shindig, it was double meat day: 2 briskets, 2 boston butts, and 2 rotisserie chickens. 

Prepping the 26

I wasn’t worried about getting two butts on the Performer, as I’d done it before.  I was, however, worried about getting 2 briskets on the 26.  I set up the grill for indirect, with all of my fuel off to one side.  I find it so much easier to maintain proper low and slow when I only have one fire to deal with versus two.

The 26 = 2 Briskets

Thankfully, no problems. With the briskets rubbed and ready, I was able to fit both on the grate, with the meatier part of the brisket towards the heat since it would require more heat to keep up with the thinner parts.

Soaking Chips

With minor adjustments on both kettles all day, I was able to keep the temp right around 250, which, thanks to the heat, is also exactly what it felt like outside the kettle.


9 hours later, internal temps on the pork and brisket were at 190. Thanks to the guys, I had had ample hands to help carve.

A trio of carvers

Better yet, Mike brought his Bear Paws to help him out.

Mr. Bear Claws

The claws had their way with the soft pork in no time.


Amazingly, or not so amazingly really, everyone devoured about 35 pounds of meat. The kids swam, the adults floated two of my homebrew corny kegs, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when the sun finally set.

Brisket & Chicken

Thanks to everyone who brought an amazing array of side dishes and thanks to Zoe, who kept the whole thing running like a well oiled machine.