Mike LangGrilling, Vegetable

What’s on the Grill #148

Mike LangGrilling, Vegetable

Grilled Stuffed Peppers with Bison & Blue Cheese!  Although I have been grilling a lot, it seems nothing I have done has been blog worthy.  Coupled with the fact the “real world” is keeping me incredibly busy as of late, I almost decided not to blog about these.  (Also, just because I was in Chicago with Eric last night catching U2 at Soldier Field has nothing to do with my lack of energy tonight.) The real problem?  The peppers were good, but not great.

Stacks 'o Peppers

With an abundance of peppers growing in the garden, I knew at some point I would revisit grilled stuffed peppers.  In order to change things up, I used ground bison and blue cheese as my cheese.  I cut back on the tomatoes by just adding some chopped grape tomatoes instead of a can of diced.  Although I am not a huge fan of tomatoes, the grape toms just weren’t enough.  I added in some chipotle puree, Worcestershire sauce, sautéed onions, jalapeno, rice, salt, and pepper.

Grilled Stuffed Peppers

The end result was a  good meal, but lacking.  Fortunately it is relatively easy (I love to stuff and grill things), so I am sure I will pull it out again soon to re-tool.