Mike Lang

Completely Self Serving Post

Mike Lang
In order to be totally transparent, if you do not want to help me when a new Weber Smokey Mountain, skip right over this post.  If, however, you feel the slightest urge from deep inside your heart to give a little clicky-clicky love, then please check out my entry on how to grill a pork shoulder on a Weber kettle over at Instructables.com.  Voting (I think you have to register to vote) takes place over the next couple of weeks. 
The Sign...
First, my thanks to one of my readers, Steve, for pointing out the contest to me.  Admittedly, I was a little hesitant at entering, only because there are so many different ways to cook a shoulder.   However, I had fun putting the post together and choosing pictures.  Plus, if there was any chance of introducing this type of cooking process to someone who has never grilled before, I was all for it.
If I win, I will take a poll for what should be the maiden cook.  If I lose, I will take a poll on what to cook on the kettle I already own.  At this rate, we are all still winners.  Thanks for reading.  This is my completely self serving post signing off.