Mike Lang

What’s on the Grill #141

Mike Lang
What’s on the Grill #141

Friedapoloza!  Yes, while for most the 4th of July conjures up images of BBQ and grilled food, our internationality divided household treads lightly on tradition and tends to go the opposite direction.  This year was no different.  Besides not mentioning the whole “we kicked you out of the country thing” to Zoe while I only pretended to root for the red coats in The Patriot, it was a business.

Frying out of the rain

Thanks to rain, we enjoyed the serenity of our garage while we fried up our quasi traditional 4th feast of fish & chips.  We were forced to huddle next to the lawn mower and ladders while we embarked on what I dubbed: “Fry for the 4th!”.  Dinner was standard (for us): beer battered tilapia with fresh cut potato and sweet potato fries.

You're frying those?

Now any time we have hot oil bubbling away, I have the strange desire to fry “non-typical fry fare”.  Thankfully, Anne shared my interest and brought along some of my favorites: Twinkies, Oreos, and Pickles.  Or, as I described it, our fried dessert appetizer.  I have fried Twinkies and pickles before, but not Oreos.  Everything was dipped in an egg wash, rolled in flour, and then dumped in the 350 degree peanut oil until it looked unhealthy to eat…which told me it was done. 

A Fried Sampler

Everyone loved the Twinkies and the Oreos were nice and soft.  Anne thought it was all anti-climatic.  Zoe thought it didn’t look appetizing at all.  Boo on both of them.

Banana Boat Army

I mentioned this was a dessert appetizer.  The real dessert of the evening was an army of inside out banana splits.  Tonight’s were livened up with the addition of peanut butter, almonds, and crushed Oreo to accompany the usual chocolate and ice cream.  They are an incredibly simple, yet delicious backyard dessert. 

UPDATE: Click here to watch the banana boat prep in action as part of My Weber Experience.

Inside Out Banana Splits

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!