Mike LangGrilling, Lamb

What’s on the Grill #119

Mike LangGrilling, Lamb

Grilled Lamb Chops with Yogurt Chutney and Kale!  A bit of warm weather hit us today.  On warm day’s like today whenever I leave work I immediately think, “what can I grill tonight”.  OK, truthfully I think that on about any day, but the weather was extra nice today.  After getting home I ended up raiding the freezer and found some lamp chops I bought last month from Aullwood.

Grilled Lamb Chops

I love lamb, but have a love hate relationship with lamb chops.  It’s probably the carnivore in me, but I always want more meat than the chops can offer.  These small morsels always slow me down.

Anyway, to round out the meal I stir-fried kale leaves that were left over from the weekend and mixed together some Greek yogurt and Major Grey’s chutney. 

Verdict?  Kale, good.  Yogurt chutney, great.  Lamb, ahhhh so-so.  This is the third thing I have bought from Aullwood.  The leg of lamb I had before was good.  The ribeye was alright.  Tonight’s lamb chop is just average.  It was cooked to my usual medium rare, but I found the meat tough and the flavor a little lacking.  Thankfully I had a ton of yogurt chutney and some Flying Dog Porter to help it go down.