Mike LangGrilling, Pizza

What's on the Grill #108

Mike LangGrilling, Pizza

Deep Dish Cast Iron Pizza

Deep Dish Cast Iron Pizza! I first tagged this idea a week ago from a picture on Tastespotting. The idea and recipe come from Jennifer at Last Night's Dinner via Amy at Minimally Invasive.

Jennifer gives not only a nice dough recipe, but an incredibly tasty (and spicy) pizza sauce. Preparation was typical straight forward pizza making. An hour plus for dough making and proofing mixed in with some time for sauce making and grill prep. I stayed fairly true to the recipe. I added some onion, while skimped by using shredded mozzarella.

Extra Side Burners

I was cooking everything outside, so I ended up using the grill for additional burner space. I prepared the sauce on the side burner and used cast iron on the grates for browning the pork sausage and sauteing some onions. It is always hard cooking anything on the side burner that requires any kind of heat control as there are two settings: "High" and "You Called That High?!". There really is no simmer.

Deep Dish Cast Iron Pizza...before

Tonight was supposed to be a dry run, sans documentation. However, I was so happy with the results I decided to post them anyway. For all of the pizzas we have made, I can't believe I never thought about this. I believe this one will go into heavy rotation. I can't recommend it enough.