Mike LangBeef, Grilling

Ribeye Friday

Mike LangBeef, Grilling
One of my favorite things to do on a Friday evening is grill a ribeye...a thick ribeye, preferably bone-in. This marvelous marbled piece of meat has always been my favorite cut. Some prefer the lean filet, others like a firm strip. I like this fat infused beast.
We try to get the grocery shopping out of the way on Fridays, so my assault on the butcher counter is timely. Usually, by the time we get home, I do not have time to plan out a long grilled event. A quickly grilled steak, with an appropriate side of grilled vegetables always fits the bill.
Grilling in the Dark
On another front, what is great about the fall, is also a slight negative. The lack of evening daylight. Now is the time of year where my grill photographs take on the eery color of flood lights. Gone is that great summer time sun. Fortunately, the weather has never stopped Ribeye Friday....
Steak On!
Thunderstorm = Smart Time to Grill
My Ribeye Fridays are easy:
1. Salt, Pepper & a Third (Either garlic, ancho chili powder, or paprika)
2. Good beer
Cover both sides with generous amounts of the rub. Preheat your grill to high...as hot as you can get it. I prefer to oil my grates, versus oiling the meat...so, oil your grates.
When the grill is good and hot, slap down your ribeye. You must slap it down. Give it 2 minutes and then rotate it 180 90 degrees (Apparently my lack of basic Geometry is lacking...). After 2 more minutes, flip it over. Grill marks on side one have been achieved. After 3 minutes give it another 180 90 degree turn and then after an additional 3-4 minutes you should be looking at medium rare.
Drink your beer and enjoy Ribeye Friday!