Mike Lang

Watch Out!

Mike Lang

This is not good news...Boston Beer is recalling a bunch of Sam Adams beer that was found to contain glass particles. According to Slashfood (via the Boston Globe) the bottles were from a third party distributor out of their Cincinnati plant. I found this quote interesting:

Jim Koch , founder of Boston Beer Co., said it is the company's first recall since it began in 1984.

"We are disappointed and disturbed by this development, and we are doing everything we can to address the situation," Koch said in a statement. "Brewing great beer is not enough. Because of these bottles supplied to us from an outside vendor, we didn't live up to our drinker's expectations."

I am going to check the recycling bin right now. I can firmly state that even if I have the recalled bottles, Sam Adams still lived up to my expectations! Although, that might explain the tickle I have had in my throat all day....