Mike LangBeer, Grilling

So, I am meeting this guy I met on the Internet...

Mike LangBeer, Grilling
I cannot begin to tell you how many times I said that this week and received either laughs, blank stares or serious looks of concern. No, it wasn't a topic for an upcoming Springer show and no, I wasn't meeting Chris Hansen. I met my friend Mike, aka tripletlads, from New York.

We met through eHarmony Flickr, the online photo sharing website. We both share a love of homebrew, grilling and food in general and have shared photographs and emails discussing, and documenting, our exploits. Mike was in Columbus for the weekend visiting Father Larry, a friend of Mike's for over thirty years. Father Larry, who is the Director of the Paulist Center at Ohio State, was kind enough to invite me along for an evening of food and homebrew tasting.

I had an incredible evening. Mike and Father Larry prepared an amazing spread that centered around a venison broil and braised venison. To make things even better, Mike, Father Larry and the other guests brought a wide assortment of homebrew. I was little frustrated with myself that after my bottling mishap earlier in the week, I could only bring a bottle of Chimay. I had some amazing beers. Most notably, Mike's "Glorious George" and Father Larry's Pumpkin Ale.

I must say, that I never thought I would go out of my way to meet someone I had not personally met before. However, with this amazing "series of tubes" known as the Internet, it was as if we had already met, and knew each other. It was a great opportunity and a great time. My thanks to Father Larry, who I will stay in touch with and my thanks to Mike. I hope we get together sometime in the not too distant future. I hear there are some really good BBQ places in New York...