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We're Up and We're Down...

Mike LangTechnology

For the last week, we have been experiencing networking issues. At first, I thought it was a Time Warner problem. Multiple times a day (7 plus), we found ourselves power cycling both our router (pictured on the left) and our cable modem. I had Time Warner out who ended up running a new line to the house because of a low signal. No luck. The guy left and down it went again.

My next suspect was the PS3. A new firmware update came out a week or so ago which added some enhanced connectivity for the PSP/PS3 Remote Play function. That and I noticed some weird network errors when the console was on. After checking some boards, I ended up assigning static IP addresses to everything in the house. That didn't solve the problem either. Although by opening up some ports, I did solve the PS3 network issue. Unfortunately, that does not do a whole lot of good when your Internet connection drops.

My suspicion finally turned to my Linksys WRT54G router. Something was causing it drop the Internet connection. While doing some research, I stumbled across DD-WRT which is essentially open source firmware (Read: Free). Unfortunately, my Linksys is a version 6 that is not based on Linux and is not as adaptable. Nonetheless, there is a micro firmware upgrade that covered it. Using some great instructions I found at Scopiontek and some additional tips at Lifehacker, I flashed the new firmware in fifteen minutes.

I cannot say enough about DD-WRT. It is incredibly adaptable and versatile. I am able to change the transmit strength of my wireless signal, view my plug and play ports that open and much, much more. The best part of all? My network now works perfectly, including the Internet connection and the PS3. If you have router problems, do not waste money on a new router, spend the time on the right firmware.