Mike LangGrilling, Planking

What's on the Grill #44

Mike LangGrilling, Planking

Crab & Lobster

Crustacean night! Wendy was craving shell fish and Bob and Zoe, who strongly dislike shellfish, wanted chicken. So, to bridge the culinary peace bridge, we grilled cedar planked lobster tails , steamed King Crab legs and chicken on a stick!

Cedar Planked Lobster Tail

I love crab and I like lobster, if it is cooked right, so I knew this would be interesting. The crab was great...it was steamed... you really can't screw that up. The lobster had great flavor, thanks to the cedar, but was a little overcooked. Go figure. The chicken? That turned out just right. Nonetheless, a good meal. The corn relish was nice too, although next time I will more finely chop those hard red onions.