Friday, December 21, 2012

4 Beers to Christmas: Adnams Explorer

I was first introduced to Adnams during one of our trips back to England.  At the time, I was able to locate it in Ohio, but for several years thereafter the exporting stopped.  

Well, apparently no more.  We found it again when stockpiling this year's Christmas beer countdown.  I'm quite pleased.

4 Beers to Christmas: Adnams Explorer

Explorer is a blonde ale that is incredibly easy drinking and rather sessionable.  It has a rather full mouthfeel, with earthy notes of citrus and hops.  The malt is mildly sweet with a bit biscuity taste and a lightly spiced finish.  I consider it a solid English ale and unbeknownst to me, chock full of American hops!  I knew there was a reason we had a special connection. 

What a nice night to get reacquainted.