Monday, September 28, 2009

What’s on the Grill #151

Grilled Salmon in Cork Husks!  OK, first things first.  Fennel.  You know, the magic herb which looks like the offspring of sister dill and brother onion.  You know, the primary ingredient in absinthe.  Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s great grilled.  In fact, it’s not just great, it’s amazing.  I thank my friend Gregg who turned me on to this deliciously grilled treat.

Grilled Fennel

Cut the the bulb in half and rub with salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Grill direct for 10 minutes (flipping half way through) and the another 15 indirect.  You will not be disappointed, promise.

Sorry for the detour, back to the main course.  This is actually the second time I have tried this.  The first time it turned out great, but the picture sucked.  This time it turned out great, and the pictures were…meh.  I find there is something incredibly difficult about photographing this dish while making it look…appetizing.  I’m not sure how much better I faired this time, but it will work.

Chopping PepperChopping Green Onion

I turn, once again, to Fish & Shellfish, Grilled & Smoked, for the recipe.  It’s easy, but the prep takes a little bit of time. 

Salmon Boat

Take four ears of corn, peel the husks and remove the corn.  Cut the kernels off of two of the ears of corn, and place in a bowl.  Add 1/2 diced red pepper, 3 tsp of capers, and 4 diced green onions.  Mix.  Take 4, roughly 6 ounce, salmon filets and place them inside the peeled husks.  Then add the corn mixture, evenly, to the inside of each of the 4 husks.  Top each corn pile with 1 tbls of butter and then tie the husks shut.

Salmon in husks, on the grill

Grill the husks for approximately 10 minutes direct and 10 minutes indirect.  The printed recipe called for less time, but I found mine over charcoal needed longer.  Once done, peel back the husks and eat.

Salmon in Husks, after the cookThe vault of goods

The corn mixture cooked inside the husks was amazing.  In fact, the whole thing was.  You could easily make a double batch of these for guests and do all of the prep in the morning.  They are easy, but look difficult and fortunately, they look good and taste good.

A full grill

One side note.  Yes, I had to use farm raised salmon.  I know, the color gives it away.  I was lazy on Sunday and couldn’t bring myself to drive any further than Meijer, which as usual let me down in spades.  I promise, it will never happen again.  Also, thanks to the following dinnertime supporting players: sweet potato, zucchini, and traditional grilled salmon.  It could not have been a meal without you.


Ninette said...

I love fennel. My favorite is sauted fennel, onions, and garlic with sliced italian sausage, a little white wine, chicken broth, and cannelini beans. With a little parm, to die for. I just bought fennel today to hit the grill tomorrow.

MikeV @ DadCooksDinner said...

The grilled, halved fennel looks like a great idea! My normal approach is to slice it thin and grill it over direct medium heat.

I want to try your version; I just need some fennel. Maybe this weekend at the farmer's market.

*And, as usual, your pictures are AMAZING.


lisa said...

This is such a great idea! Can't wait to give it a try. The salmon and vegetables in the husk sound delicious.

Andrew said...

Looks really cool. I have to say the Ohio corn yield has been a bit disappointing this year. I'm used to getting it thrown at me on my way out of a farmer's market or grocery store.

Mike said...

I never would have thought of cooking fish inside a corn husk. Looks great - and who doesn't love getting their own individually wrapped dish!

Kari said...

What a great idea and a unique presentation. I love it.

A Year on the Grill said...

I just found your blog, and I think I have a small man crush on you. This is a terrific site, you write very well, and your recipes are clear and easy to follow. And you grill

This site rocks, will be checking back often

DH said...

You sure can grill it son!

Mike said...

@Ninette - Now THAT sounds really, really good.

@Mike - Thanks! It looks like I am going to have to try slicing mine too.

@Lisa - Thanks Lisa, when I saw it, I knew I had to try it. Especially since you can make it ahead of time. I imagine, it would be great for entertaining.

@Andrew - You know, I thought the same thing. I'm surprised based on how nice the summer has been too.

@Mike - It's all about personalization I say!

@Kari - Thanks!

@AYOTG - Ha! I'm blushing...! Thanks so much, I'm glad you like my humble Internet home. Dittos right back at you on the blog, you have been busy. It all looks great!

@DH - Thank you sir! It's one of those fun things to do, like drinking beer.

Philip said...

You are the grill master.

3 hungry tummies said...

what a clever way of using the corn husk !!!

restaurantgroupie said...

that looks amazing! i love your photos!!!

Jennie said...

Your blog is awesome!

Mike said...

@Phillip - Thanks, I don't know about "master", but I appreciate the compliment!

@3 hungry tummies - I thought so too, I love using other things on the grill as a vessel.

@restaurantgroupie - Thanks so much, I love your profile name. That is classic!

@Jennie - Thanks, and I must say the pictures on your blog are stellar! Nice job.