Saturday, December 02, 2006

Top 10 Things to Do When Your Wife is Out of the Country

5. Host ManNight 2006!

Yes, what else is one to do but a host a swinging, testosterone laden evening of fun and homebrew! Now, let us say you stumble onto a swanky dinner party. Just how do you identify the event as ManNight?

First, check the bathroom. You will find the toilet seat up for the entire night with an industrial can of Lysol close at hand. If you happen to lower the seat out of habit, beware...other guests will chastise you!

Next, check for dinner attendees dressed in trendy, fashionable clothing...from 1974. Pictured here are the Host, the Commodore and the Closer.

As you continue your observations, be sure and check for the symbol of ManNight. The official traveling centerpiece and requisite tiger picture...GGrrrrrr!

What? Did someone say a makeshift Homebrew station? Why this soirée is shaping up nicely!

As the Table of Man was complete, I was reminded continuously through the evening that there was no "time schedule". The feast would be served when it was ready! No one dictates what we do! So when the gluttonous feast was served, the timing was perfect...because we didn't care!

So, what kind of meal is served at ManNight? Try Filet Mignon, Caramlized Sweet Potato's, Rosemary & Thyme Smashed Potato's, Bean and Corn Medley, Steamed Broccoli, Parker House Rolls, Deep Fried Cornish Game Hens and one of the world's worst decorated ManNight Cakes ever to grace our table!

In the end, it was a great night. How do I know? Easy, I lost my voice!


ewtotel said...

Oh no!!! Your readers are going to think that can of swillpiss at the table is mine!!!

(Disclaimer: I, the one in fashionable red polyester, was drinking the homebrew... the Old Milwaukee was not mine!)

Previous post removed due to horrible type-o

keithk said...

Oh, damn it...Remember when beer was beer. The Old Mill can was mine and I am damn proud of it...keith

bml522 said...

Old Mill???? This year we will be shaking people down upon entry. Totel, I have some suggestions for this years waredrobe. Call me.