Friday, January 13, 2006


Bob came home and decided to treat us all to lunch. We went to a pub called The Wishing Well. The pub had a beautiful view out the rear. I was told that the field is for RV's in the summertime. Lucky for us the field was empty for this picture.

As I try to assimilate into English culture, one thing I have worked hard on is the holding of my utensils. At home, we typically place the knife down after we are done cutting our food and then place our left hand in our lap. The right hand is then used with the fork to pick up whatever it is you want to shovel into your mouth. Over here, the left hand is assigned the knife and the right hand is assigned the fork and neither the two do part until your plate is clean. As I observed, it is much easier to shovel food into my mouth if both utensils and hands work as a team (No comments KL). I can now use my knife to ram food onto my fork which makes eating a much more efficient operation.

On the way out, I spied a list. Yes, it is a dessert list and not a list of village ailments in case you noticed that they offer Spotted Dick. Instead of the disease that no one speaks of, it is actually a pudding with currants (raisins). I have had it before...the dessert that is, not the disease. You can get it in the can at Meijer...once again, the dessert, not the disease...although in this case at Meijer it might actually be both.