Saturday, January 14, 2006

The English Language

You know, it wouldn't be a trip to England if I wasn't trying to juggle going to the bathroom with taking a picture of something in the men's room. While at The Crab, I was reading the newspaper on the wall while doing man business. A particular crime story caught my eye. Now at home, this would have been a paragraph in ye old Independent. However, the English have a great way of making anything sound really important. I love it. In this case (sorry the photo quality is poor) a laborer (aka roofer) was found guilty for breaking out the window of another man's car who he had thought struck his vehicle. According to the article, the laborer "received incorrect information after drinking eight cans of lager". The vehicle he broke the window out of was apparently not the vehicle he was really supposed to target. I am assuming that if he had gone looking for the right vehicle before drinking the lager, everything would have turned out okay. Oh well, live and learn.