Saturday, January 14, 2006

College Night

We headed to The Crab in Old Towne Shanklin tonight and met up with 3 of Zoe's old college friends. Jen and Jacqui live on the Isle of Wight and Justina lives in Brighton and came down to IOW with her boyfriend Gilly. Zoe and Justina have not seen each other in 18 years. While the girls caught up, Gilly and I drank beer and traded stories. One of the interesting things about living this side of the Atlantic is the change in vacation destinations. Gilly and Jus traveled to China and then South Korea for holiday. Gilly had some interesting stories about China markets and the language barrier. It is not uncommon for people to vacation in Australia, Greece, Spain or islands off the east coast of Africa.
Gilly still lives in Colchester, so it was ironic talking about the pubs in Colchester I had already visited. Gilly has an affinity for Homer Simpson which he believes is related to the fact that the both work in Nuclear Power Plants. Gilly said that it sounds interesting, but in reality it really isn't. The photo on the left shows the power of the cellphone as the women all double check all of their cellphone numbers.

Tomorrow will be the last morning I can sleep in before we can head out on Monday morning...ugh!