Monday, January 09, 2006

Any idea who this is? (WARNING: Graphic)

Bob is actually a master wood carver and sculptor. Although I feel after his latest project, the word master might be removed on account of the subject. This is supposed to be something the English call a caricature. I think that means he makes me look better. Bob let me take the picture if I promised to remind everyone that it is a work in progress. He is also working on the sculpture too.

This is actually the third one he has started. He has another one in clay and one in papier-mache. Those two versions, which did not meet his standards, actually had the mole on my nose. His final plan is some kind of Sherlock Holmes beer thingy. I will keep you posted.


anne said...

the sculpture too? meaning there will be a body, or a finished wooden head? either way, i have never laughed so hard. bob's skills are unparalleled.

ps: the wedding looked gorgeous!

ewtotel said...

Bob should make that into a tap handle. Or the pull-thingy on a bidet chain. Either one is appropriate.