Grilled Short Rib Tacos: The Video

Grilled Short Rib Tacos: The Video

For anyone who follows my Instagram feed, you know I happen to have a thing for short ribs, specifically flanken cut short ribs. Cut perpendicular to the rib bone, versus their English cut cousins, they explode with flavor and are by far my favorite last minute meat for tacos.

They are great for a marinade, but as a last minute dinner grab, do just as well with an aggressive rub and fast cook. 

Appropriately, my love for these slender cuts made a perfect topic for my latest Weber video.

Grilled Short Rib Tacos Video

I really recommend the grilled salsa. It's amazing how a little flame turns vegetables incredibly sweet. At first taste, you would think this recipe includes the addition of sugar. It doesn't, it's just that naturally sweet...and addictive!

The entire grilled taco and salsa recipe is simple, yet looks complicated. Filming it was, however, complicated. As the seasons have changed, so does the light. Believe it or not, this 90 seconds took place over two different days where I pulled the better shots from each to make the final cut. Thankfully, I like tacos.

Thanks again for your continued support of my work. There is definetely more to come!

Note: My work for Weber Grills is compensated.