Mike LangGrilling, Seafood

The Mojito, now with Shrimp

Mike LangGrilling, Seafood
The Mojito, now with Shrimp

While I am a beer guy through and through, I do branch out. For instance, last summer was the year of the Moscow Mule. It was a copper mug free for all around here...and not the cheap mugs with the handle glued on. These were riveted vessels of refreshing magic.

This year, the mugs gathered dust as my palate drifted 90 miles south of the Florida Keys to Cuba. This was the summer of the mojito.

The exact history of the mojito is a little, pardon the pun, muddled. Historical roots notwithstanding, I do know the mojito is the intersection of simple and refreshing. 

On a hot summer day, nothing quite beats the heat with its mixture of mint, lime, and sugar. Rum provides the current pushing me to make another before my first is finished. 

While I typically avoid a lot of sugar, I've followed the advice of a Cuban cookbook and added just a bit more here. Also, don't skimp on the soda water. It takes quality ingredients to mix a quality drink.

The Mojito

juice of one lime
1 Tbls sugar
8 mint leaves (more to garnish)
2 ounces white rum
soda water

In a highball glass, muddle lime juice and sugar with mint leaves.

Add ice and rum.

Top with soda water, stir, and garnish with meat sprig.

The flavors of the mojito are so appealing, I worked them into a marinade for grilled shrimp.

Now if you will excuse me, I have limes to cut. Anyone seen my muddler?

Note: My work for Weber is compensated.