Grilled Bacon Chicken Roast: The Video

Grilled Bacon Chicken Roast: The Video

A few years ago, I posted a bacon wrapped chicken roast recipe. I riffed on the idea and adapted it for the grill. It was a fantastic way to make chicken interesting. Now, it's the focus of my latest video for Weber. If we are going to grill something, it has to be fun and it has to be good. This "roast" is easily both.

Here's the video:

The original post was a little bit more involved, so for the simplicity of the video, and my sanity, I changed a few steps. Even so, I would make this again and again.

On the behind the scenes side, we've been blessed with a crazy mild winter here in Ohio. I shot this entire piece outside while only wearing a hat...well, I should say with only the addition of a hat. Geez.

I'm constantly looking for new ways to approach the grill. Most recently, I added a small jib to the setup. Outside of sweeping shots, which I use sparingly here, it helps tremendously with overhead shots without shooting with an ultra-wide lens. It's by far my new favorite piece of kit.

Even though we all grill year-round, this time of year, with the warmer nights and the longer days, make it all that much more enjoyable. This is a good thing, as more videos are on the way and I can't stand wearing a hat

Note: My work for Weber is compensated.