Bananas and Beer

Believe it or not, bananas and beer are a thing. Just not now.

First, the bananas.

Since the early days of this blog, the grilled banana boats have been a thing. They've entertained countless guests and I've captured them a million different ways. Well, make that a million and one. Here's my latest video for Weber featuring, of course, the banana.

Now for the beer. 

For a few years now, beers from Deschutes Brewery, out of Portland, Oregon, have been available in Ohio. As a huge fan of their Black Butte Porter, I've been more than thrilled. My first dance with Black Butte happened in Las Vegas, with my college roommate, Mike, on his 40th birthday. Mike knew the best places to grab Deschutes because he worked for the brewery. Boy, have our tastes in frothy beverages changed since our days in West Lafayette!

Deschutes, thanks to Mike, was kind enough to reach out and provide me with samples from their Bond Street Series, namely, Sagefight Imperial IPA, Armory Experimental Pale Ale, and Chasin' Freshies Fresh Hop IPA.

Chasin' Freshies is my kind of fresh hopped beer. It's extremely floral with a fresh hop bite that just lingers on the tongue. The Imperial Sagefight was an imperial IPA like no other thanks to its herb influenced name. I love sage and it made for what I thought was an incredibly different IPA. I wish I had more than one because it was too much to get my palate around.

Speaking of beer, here's a hard one to believe: The Backyard Brewing Society brewed together.

Life has been busy and time has been short, but thankfully things were slow enough for some of us to get together to dust off our equipment and create...something.

We started brewing before we had any local breweries in the Dayton area. Now, the numbers of local breweries is staggering. To say we missed the boat is an understatement, but in actuality, our day jobs meant the boat was never leaving the dock.

With that said, for the last decade we have enjoyed getting together, eating a ridiculous amount of BBQ, and using random science to create fairly decent beer.

It's always been a good time and even if the beer doesn't hit the mark, it's the memories of crafting we remember.

Let's hope our next Brew Day isn't so far away.

Note: My work for Weber is compensated and Deschutes was kind enough to provide me samples of beer. The opinions expressed are my own. As is the grammar. That's all me.