Mike LangGrilling, Photography

From around the grates!

Mike LangGrilling, Photography
From around the grates!

I was thinking the other day about how much "blogging" has changed since APP first put words to the web over ten years ago. As my only output to the world, I would sometimes post several times a week, with sometimes only a poorly composed, horribly lit, point and shoot camera image. And trust me, the words accompanying it wheren't much better!

Today, I'm posting to Instagram Stories almost every day. If a picture is a thousand words, my "blogging" has only increased. And yes, there are bonus points if my Stories include music or words flowing from my bald mug.

APP has morphed into my landing spot for a place where people want to see what I'm up to or to see how I do something, or if searching my photo archive on Flickr, are looking for "breasts" only to be disappointed by endless pictures of chickens and ducks. Sorry.

Recently, I was happy to transport my Q to the outdoor patio of ABC22/Fox45 here in Dayton where we went through some fun tailgating/homegating weekend recipes.

Fox45/Abc22 Grill Patio.jpg

I have some great friends there and it's always fun pulling food off the grill with them on live TV.

The end of the year means holiday and holidays means a full grill and a full grill means Weber. Before Thanksgiving, I had already grilled three turkeys. 

Several on the beautiful new red kettle.

And some pretty amazing pork chops on the Summit Charcoal Grill.

When I'm shooting video, I typically plan for a day. Part is setting up. Part is waiting for light. Part is prep. Part is overthinking. Part is shaking my fist in the air. Part is eating. Part is drinking beer. What can I say, it's a process.

coals to camera.jpg

I almost always plan for a reset, especially for fast cooks. If it's something longer, like a roast or turkey, one is enough for a day. If trouble pops up, which it can, perhaps a second on a second day. A reshoot is more often because of light or something on the fringe. As much as I want the golden hour, I'd rather finish early versus racing toward the dropping sun. Light is always key.

The red kettle has seen a lot in the last few weeks. Not only turkey, but lobster and prime rib as well.

Outside of holiday grilling, another Weber project I've been thrilled to be involved in is the launch of their new line of branded gear. For grilling enthusiasts, from dusk to dawn, there is something for everyone. And yes, I fell in love with their pint glasses.

With beer in hand, Brian was quick to help out. Thankfully, his "rider" was only full of beer demands!

I was more about the red kettle and not shaving. For a guy who rarely wears hats, and yes, I'm bald, the Topper hat is my favorite!

A few weeks ago, my friend, and super Weber enthusiast, Gary, stopped by on his way to a work conference. I assembled the crew and we had a great time at some local Dayton beer spots AND the grill deck!

We are always looking for a reason to get together and Gary made it all the better.

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. Bitter cold is getting ready to set in, but that's fine, it just means we were more clothes to the grill. Unless, of course, you are in the southern hemisphere. Yes, New Zealand, I'm talking to you! Enjoy your "winter!" Cheers!

NOTE: My work for Weber is compensated.