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Anne Buys a Grill

Mike LangGrilling
Anne Buys a Grill

Last week I traveled to L.A. to visit my sister, Anne. She has been rocking a Weber Genesis for ten years now, and in the days leading up my trip, she floated the idea of buying a kettle. Like any good big brother, I wholeheartedly encouraged the idea of spending her money on something I could enjoy.

I wasn’t even in town a day, as we hit the local Home Depot.

Outside of providing grilling lessons, Anne wants to smoke pulled pork. I bought her a cover, charcoal chimney, briquettes, and starter cubes.

She purchased the grill. The cover was a must. The sun in the backyard is killer, and her Genesis needs…ahem, attention.

Assembly was easy even though after just assembling the four new color Master Touch Kettles last month, I still managed to mount a wheel to the bottom frame WITHOUT the leg. I’m sure I’m one of the reasons there are three wheel caps in the parts bag, not just two.

Anne’s first request was Huevos Rancheros. Based on a video I made off a great Jamie Purviance recipe for Huevos Veracruz, I walked Anne through all of the steps.

The only problem I ran into was Anne’s lack of available aprons.

I love to fire up a new grill and watch food hit the shiny grates.

With the morning sun beating down, I dropped the eggs in and finished up the cook.

She gave it two thumbs up, and I gave her a ton of leftovers.

The rest of the trip was a busy blast. We saw concerts at both the Hollywood Bowl and The Greek Theatre.

Barenaked Ladies at the Hollywood Bowl.jpg

I even peeled off a few days at Huntington Beach.

As I tend to do, I was lucky to finally share beers with my “Internet Friends,” Matthew and Melissa. We’ve “known” each other B.I. (Before Instagram). Enjoying beers at Ballast Point’s beautiful Long Beach taproom, it was a delight to finally meet them in person. Also, the taproom’s sunset views were fantastic.

Winding up our last day in West Hollywood, we had dinner at Adam Perry Lang’s APL Restaurant.

Having been a fan of his for years, I anxiously awaited a meal that exceeded my expectations. For all of the times I worry about ordering a steak out, it felt great to take my foot off the gas and enjoy a great experience. Fairly sure I will be back on my next trip out.

And fear not, I did squeeze in a pulled pork lesson on Anne’s new grill. I provided more leftovers. I just hope I left some knowledge, too.