Mike LangPhotography, Beer, Grilling

Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Taco Edition

Mike LangPhotography, Beer, Grilling
Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Taco Edition

Many years ago I would make dinner, take pictures, and post about it in one night.


There is where my Mom chimes in..."well, your poor grammar shows this to be true."

I'm not sure how it happened. Granted, my workflow was a lot different back then. Scratch that, it wasn't different. It was non-existent. But still, it was a crazy feat of content generation. Lesser content, but still.

So, in honor of the past, I'm doing the same thing tonight. Hopefully, once Mom reads this over, with fewer spelling issues.

Fire in the hole.

I so often hear, "I don't use charcoal because it takes too long." I don't care if it's the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill or my 1999 Performer, they are just as fast as any gasser.

When I'm scrambling for a mid-week dinner, I inevitably "stumble" on tacos and when I think tacos, I think flanken cut short ribs. These meaty strips are always fantastic. Whether rubbed, marinated, or salt & peppered, they never disappoint.

And finally...tacos. In this case, short rib tacos with pickled red onion, tomatillo-avocado salsa, and queso fresco. Add in a little Dia De Los Serranos from Green Flash and you have the makings of a perfect meal. Especially on Taco Tuesday.

Oh yes, and this. It's almost October and all. Warped Wing's Creep Show also hit the spot tonight. It's always a treat to enjoy something local.

And as my friend Bruce says, Enjoy your Wednesday. Cheers!

Note: While I create work for Weber, my views and comments in this post are my own. It's true. Charcoal is fast.