Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Isle of Wight Edition

Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Isle of Wight Edition

Ten years ago, Another Pint Please started off as a way to document one of our trips to Zoe's childhood home on the Isle of Wight in England. These trips, as they tend to go, include as many pub visits as humanly and "liver-ly" possible. This week, we are back.

The island, located off the south coast of England, is only accessible by water or if you have the means, air.

It's a vacation spot for the English and remote from typical tourist destinations visited by foreigners. In the last five days, I've not heard one North American accent, and I've been incorrectly identified as a Canadian and Australian. The last one, I must admit, is a head scratcher.

Even though I'm 4000 miles from home, there is a Weber Performer not but six feet from where I'm sitting. The BBQ and grilling culture in England is stronger than ever. 

It doesn't take much more to make my eyes light up than a visit to the local butcher.

With locally sourced Isle of Wight beef, I didn't have trouble settling on what to purchase. The bigger question was do I call this four-pound slice of beef a small rib roast or a very large steak?

Call it what you will, it was fantastic when grilled medium rare with a paste of fresh island garlic, rosemary, shallots, salt, and pepper.

Even though I was more enamored with British beer 15 years ago, I still savor their malty selections. 

It's fun revisiting the old and local with the new and unknown. I would have never guessed the super rise of craft beer in the US in the same amount of time. Now I'm spoiled by beers in Dayton. That still floors me.

The local food is also incredible.

Portions are huge and with much of the fare locally sourced. Small kitchens in pubs all over the island are run as professional are bigger restaurants in more urban areas.

It's a sight to see. Thankfully I brought my appetite.

The scenery on the island is second to none. It is always picturesque to drive along the downs and catch a glimpse of the English channel with ships moving towards Southhampton. It's just too bad the weather hasn't been a bit...warmer.

Enjoy your Wednesday; I'm headed back to dig into the beer fridge.