How much culinary training have you had?

Absolutely none.  Look closely, it's obvious.  In fact, I have learned more what "not to do" versus "what to do."  Sometimes it really shows. Truthfully, I'm a self taught home cook. It all started with French Toast when I was 8 and a speech in 7th grade on making the perfect omelet. I've never looked back.

Can I use one of your pictures on my website?

Yes, but it depends.  All of my work is copyrighted through a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, ShareAlike License.  This means if you want to use one of my pictures on your blog for non-commercial purposes and attribute said picture back to me, no problem.  If you want to use a photo for commercial purposes, please see below.

By using Creative Commons, I have been really lucky to have been linked to by a number of blogs and publications I really respect, most notably: LifehackerSlashfoodSerious EatsSaveurThe Examiner and The Kitchn.

By using Creative Commons, I put my trust in the Interwebs to have my work used fairly.  I, of course, know this doesn't always happen.  Sadly, if you Google "Grill Steak", you will find one of my pictures on the first page stuck on another website, not attributed to me.

If you are unsure if you can legally use my photo or not, drop me a line.  

To sum it up, check out the wikipage on my all time favorite tech singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton.  For it was JoCo that "introduced" me to Creative Commons and the example he set.

Can I purchase one of your pictures for commercial use?

Yes, and this is completely different from above.  By purchasing a picture, and depending on the licensing, you are free to use the photo as you see fit, commercially or otherwise. Please shoot me an email through the contact link on the front page if you have further questions.

What kind of camera do you use?

I have a Canon 5D Mark IV which I use primarily with 100mm f/2.8L, 16-35mm f/2.8L III50mm f/1.4, 28mm f/1.8, & 70-300mm IS lenses.  I use a Benro B4 ball head mounted to a Manfrotto 055 tripod.  

For my video work, I'm using a Konova Slider, Benro MoveUp4 JibGoPro Hero4 SilverRode SmartLav, and an Opteka VM-200 Shotgun mic.

I edit photos in Lightroom and video in Final Cut Pro X.

Hey, those Amazon links appear to run through your Amazon Associates Store!

OK, first up, that's not really a question, it's a statement.  And second, damn right they do!  If I have to go through the hassle of linking something through Amazon, I feel it is only fair I earn a thirteen cent commission through a reader's purchase of a cookbook and more importantly, earnings in the pocket of the book or product's author who are the true benefactors of your generosity. You have been warned...and thanked.

Are you really bald?

According to my driver's license, yes.  Although truth be told, if I didn't shave my head every day, patchy tufts of hair would most likely grow.  So for the safety of the public, I shall keep it smooth and shiny.  If by chance, you are a bald/balding man, I highly suggest the Headblade for all of your head shaving needs.  Yes, my morning ritual is almost as many steps as my wife's, but the end result is well worth it, or so I tell myself.

Will you review my product?

If it strikes my fancy and is relevant to my readers, maybe.

How do I know you aren't just shilling for these companies?

Easy, I'll tell you.

If I post content paid for directly, or furnished, by a company, I will post a disclaimer.

For instance, I frequently use wood planks furnished by Wildwood Grilling and, I get periodic samples and tastings from Samuel Adams where I am a proud stockholder. I also create freelance work for Weber Grills.

What is your favorite thing to grill?

A ribeye none.

Why does your grammar and spelling suck?

Two reasons: I don't have an editor and my seventh grade English teacher.  Seventh grade must have been the year where all of those run-on sentences, dangling modifiers, and participles were explained.  If so, I missed the boat.  I've always marveled at my friends who actually understand proper sentence structure and the correct use of tenses.  Where did they learn such magic?  Well, I know one thing.  They didn't learn it in my seven grade English class.  Why did I struggle with Spanish in college? Easy, I never learned English.

Long story short, if you see a travesty being made of the English language, perhaps in the proceeding paragraph, please let me know in case my Mother hasn't beaten you to it.

Can I email you about grilling advice?


Is this all you do, write about grilling food and making beer?

Sadly, no.  I have several demanding jobs I quite enjoy in the real world.  Because of this, my posting will sometimes be sporadic and unpredictable, like many of my first batches of homebrew.

How do you have time to keep up with everything?

One word: clones.

How often do you post?

My posting schedule is consistently inconsistent.  I shoot to have content every week, ideally Sunday nights, but often times the schedule goes off the rails.