What's on the Grill #276: Planked Camembert

I love cheese.  In fact, I don't think I've ever had a cheese I didn't like.  Except Velveeta, of course, it's not cheese.

Cheese and grills are not necessarily incompatible.  Some cheeses, like halloumi, can be grilled directly on the grates.  Others, like brie and camembert, are perfectly suited for the heat and work extraordinarily well on a wood plank.

In fact, planked cheese is one of my favorite go-to appetizers.  For some extra work, try Planked Brie with Amarreto-Peach Chutney & Cranberry Conserve, but for something even easier, or perhaps last minute, try this.

Planked Cheese

Planked Camembert with Strawberry Preserves and Sliced Almonds
By Another Pint Please

8 oz wheel of camembert cheese
2 T strawberry preserve
handful of sliced almonds


1 wood plank

As with any planking, be sure to soak the plank in water at least an hour before grilling.  I prefer a well-soaked plank so that I can maximize the amount of time the plank spends over direct heat without being reduced to an ember.

Heat the grill to direct medium heat.  Remove the cheese from its wrapper and place on the soaked plank.

Grill over direct heat for approximately 12-15 minutes.  Keep a watchful eye on the plank to ensure it doesn't catch fire. If it does, extinguish the flames with a spray bottle, or if more convenient, a drop of beer from the bottle I know you are holding.

planked camembert

The key is to cook the cheese until it is soft but not "ruptured" and soft.  The rind should stay intact until you cut into it.

planked camembert

Once the cheese is done, remove from the grill and top with the preserves and almonds.  Surround it with some good quality crackers (Read: Not Ritz) and serve.

Camembert on Plank

It's a fast appetizer that not only tastes great, but looks awesome when you serve it.