Mike LangGrilling, Video

My Weber Experience

Mike LangGrilling, Video

I've hinted about it several times since we filmed it in March.  It was an amazing twelve hour day of hard work.  It was also very cold outside.  Very…cold.  Nonetheless, I would have done it all over again at a moments notice.  I loved the pressure and urgency of capturing everything.  I would call it organized chaos, but in reality it was a fine tuned machine that worked at a break neck pace.  I loved being a cog.

Today, after weeks of anticipation, the video has been released.  I've posted the link everywhere, except where it really matters the most: here. 

As part of Weber Grill's new website launch, I present my "Weber Experience".  It's something I've blogged about on these pages for years.  Thanks to the skills and creativity of some very talented professionals, my enthusiasm for all things Weber has been encapsulated into an amazing three minutes.  I'm excited and honored to be a part of such a wonderful company.

Grill on everyone.  Grill on.