Mike LangGrilling

Memorial Day 2013

Mike LangGrilling
Memorial Day 2013

For many, Memorial Day in the US marks the beginning of grilling season.  For those of us in the midwest who grill all year, it signifies no longer having to grill with a coat and hat on.  It's a very special holiday. 

Whether you grill for only a few months out of the year, or all twelve, spring means getting your grill in tip top shapefor a summer of abuse.  Before you plan your Memorial Day meal, make sure your grill is ready for the "weight". 

Now with the grill spring clean out of the way, the only left is to figure the menu.

Purists may gravitate towards burgers...

Siracha Burgers
The Tie

I get excited about ribs...

Glazed Ribs
Pulled Pork Platter

Needless to say, sometimes I will go all out with brisket... 

Sliced Brisket

or up a notch with a steak.


For even more ideas, check out the  started by John from  Grilling 24x7.  He's pulled in a great group of grill bloggers who have posted some fabulous creations.

At the end of the day, and no matter the meal, don't forget the real reason for the holiday.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Grill on!