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Angry Orchard

Mike LangBeer

Admittedly, when I grab a drink from the beer fridge, I don't immediately think cider.  Zoë, however, always does.  My stance changed after a trip to the Boston Brewery almost a year ago.  

Angry Orchard - Twist Off

For it was there we had our fist taste of Angry Orchard and of the three styles, Angry Orchard's Ginger Apple was something completely different.   We were hooked.  

Zoë moved away from her traditional English ciders and I actually reached for one.

Angry Orchard Apple Ginger

When it comes to entertaining mixed palates, a stash of Angry Orchard is a necessity.  This is doubly so in the summer and, as the time approaches, the holidays.  It's timid enough for casual drinkers and interesting enough for those who like bold flavors.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks as I bring not only more Angry Orchard, but some great grilling recipes leveraging what I believe to be the best use of apples & time: hard cider.

Note: The great folks at Angry Orchard provided me with a few bottles.  I bought a lot more.  You should see my fridge.  It's full.