Mike LangBeer, Photography

7 Beers to Christmas: Delirium Noel

Mike LangBeer, Photography

Stateside didn't last very long.  With 7 beers to go, I found myself squarely in Belgium.

I love Delirium Tremens.  The beer, not the sickness.  Delirium Noël is a Christmas riff on the Tremens.  Delirium Tremens is great.  Delirium Noël is good.  

7 Beers to Christmas: Delium Noel

Noël clocks in at 10% ABV.  If you plan on singing Noël upon consuming, get your singing in soon.  Noël's alcohol hit is fairly subdued considering the punch it packs.

Noël pours with a one finger head which quickly dissipates.  The nose consisted of sweet malt and raisins.  The taste was interesting, as it hung out completely in the front of my mouth.  It's like it wouldn't leave.  Even without an eviction notice.

More sweetness, a little bit of raisin, a touch of citrus, and a slight, slight warming of alcohol. All in the front of my mouth.  Again, good, but not great.  

Of course, still good enough for me to want another.  Just as long as it's before I sing.  Which, for some in my life, is a very, very long time.  Cheers.