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12 Beers to Christmas

Mike LangBeer

It's that time of year again.  While some prefer their advent countdowns with ornaments or chocolate, I, not surprisingly, prefer beer.  

For the past five years, Zoë has created my very own beer advent calendar.  A careful selection of beers to help me countdown the days till Christmas.  Oddly enough, every year we sort of screw up how many beers that is.  Math.  Crazy.

Anyway, seeing I already know what lies ahead, I'm pretty excited.

Evil Twin Brewing Soft XMas

Up first is Soft Xmas from Evil Twin Brewing in Denmark.  Although I am unfamiliar with them, a quick look at their website intrigues me.  They look flat out crazy.  I like that.

Soft Xmas was a good beer, even though it was a little different.  It poured about as black as night.  The nose was sweet as molasses.  So much so that I was expecting a really full mouthfeel on the first sip and was surprised when it wasn't there.  It still felt good, but visually, I was expecting to be just about chewing it down.  

The cherries mentioned in the name are definitely there.  In fact, there was a sweetness and tartness that flowed through.  It finished with a chocolate like bitterness.  Although my description may seem as if though I didn't like it, I actually did.  It was just different and in my book, different can very often be good.

So, we are off.  Let the countdown begin.  Cheers!