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Mike LangBeer

Today, most importantly, is my brother's birthday.  That being said, it is also the final release of Stone Brewing Company's Vertical Epic Series.  Starting on 02-02-02, it ends today with 12-12-12.

Stone Vertical Epic 12-12-12

Sadly, we jumped on the vertical series a little late, i.e. 2007.  In the interim, we picked up a 2006, but are missing 2002-2005.

Stone Vertical Epic Series

The Stone Brewing Company has pushed craft beer in all sorts of different directions.  All of which, in their own unique way, taste incredibly delicious.  

Stone Brewing Company is a pretty amazing place.  My two trips to their brewery/bistro gardens in Escondido, California are incredibly memorable.  I wished I lived a thousand miles closer, although my liver may tend to disagree.  What Stone is doing is simply amazing and to enjoy the tail end ride of their vertical epic series is a definite guilty pleasure.

A taste of Stone 12-12-12

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the Backyard Brewers will assemble for a Vertical Epic tasting after the first of the year.  It shall be an event not to miss.  I cannot wait.  In the meantime, I will scoop up as much 12-12-12 as I can.  It's a spice laden big beer journey.