Mike LangBeer

There's an Alpine Spring in my Kitchen

Mike LangBeer

No, I'm not treading water, but I am enjoying the newest spring seasonal beer from Samuel Adams.  Appearing just about everywhere, is Alpine Spring, Sam Adams' new seasonal offering and wow, what an offering it is.  I don't know if it's the influx of all of those big winter beers I've been enjoying, but the crisp citrusy character of Alpine Springs is incredibly drinkable.  It is hitting my palate just right and, at just the right time.

Samuel Adams Alpine Spring

Alpine Springs pours with a huge head and a slightly spicy nose.  For a lager, it has a wonderfully full mouthfeel with bits of banana, orange and breadiness (bread-like-ness if breadiness isn't actually a word).  It is lightly hopped with Tettnang hops and when it slides down the hatch, the taste, oddly enough, abruptly ends.  There isn't really a lingering finish.  It's kind of like when Marshall, Will & Holly went over the falls.  That was it.  They were gone.  Now unlike Land of the Lost, I actually was immediately ready for another Alpine Spring.

This one caught me off guard.  I wasn't prepared to like it as much as I did.  In the past, I welcomed their Spring Ale as a move towards something lighter, but this, this is something I'm opening the door for ahead of time.  This is great.

Note: Although Samuel Adams graciously provided me with a sample of Alpine Spring, the thoughts here are free from influence and even if Sam Adams wasn't nice enough to hook me up, I would have bought Alpine Spring anyway and posted the same thing.