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Operation: Deep-Heart-Texas

Mike LangBeef, Grilling, Humor, Travel
A couple weekends ago, we shot down to Houston to visit my youngest brother, Matt.  I was born in San Antonio and although my time in Texas was short (like three months), I still consider myself a proud Texan.  How proud?  Try growing up in the greater Washington DC area in the Redskins hey day of the mid to late eighties wearing Dallas Cowboy memorabilia.  It was rough, but I survived.

I guess my Texas roots impacted more than my choice of sports teams.  Somewhere, somehow, it passed on the taste for BBQ, too.

Fast forward to the present.  So, where are we eating within just a few hours of landing?  If you guessed BBQ, you guessed Goode...as in Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q.

Goode Go

I've been there before, and I love it.  Food is served cafeteria style.  You pick up your tray, grab a beer out of overflowing ice filled chests and then slowly snake your way towards the meat trays, where an employee carves up your BBQ desires.

Goode BBQ

The interior portion of the restaurant holds about 10 tables for indoor eating.  It was a busy Saturday afternoon, punctuated by the lunch line cutting through the small dining room and right out the door.  Inside eating was a premium, as the 100 degree weather outside was something worth escaping.

After staring at the order board for several minutes, I opted for the combo of brisket and pulled pork, with jalapeno bread, baked beans and potato salad.  As I uttered the word brisket, I watched as an entire brisket slid across a cutting board and then waited breathlessly, as a carving knife separated my pieces from the moist, smoked cut.  A handful of pulled pork, a little bit of sauce, beans, potato salad...I was ready.  Could this line move any slower? I was ready to eat.

Outside dining

Since the inside was full, we moved outside.  The overhand provided relief from the sun, which was nice, as Matthew expertly positioned us between two overhead misting fans...so neither of them hit us.  It was hot, but frankly, the heat wasn't even a concern.  I had BBQ to eat.

My kind of lunch

It was all amazing.  Smoky, moist and delicious.  If I was Matt, this would be a weekly destination and judging by those in the outside takeout line, I have a feeling my sentiment was shared.  Amazingly enough, not only could you order food, you could buy wood to smoke BBQ at home too.

Smoking Wood

I think I was in love.

Everyone was satisifed, even Bean...although he wished he had more sauce.

Mouth full of Que

It was a fast, fun and unbelievably hot weekend and although the BBQ was certainly a highlight, I think Bean was more excited about the fact he landed in Houston at age 12 and took off at age 13. A thanks to Matt for another great weekend and an added thanks for not having anything in his fridge.  It gave us a great reason to eat out!