Mike LangBeef, Grilling, Planking

What's on the Grill #192: Tender Beef Quesadillas

Mike LangBeef, Grilling, Planking
At times I ask myself whether I should start a new series on this blog called "What's in the Quesadilla" or better yet, "What's on the Pizza". Depending how much is "on the grill" often means I'm not only getting one meal, but two or three. When it comes to making leftovers enjoyable, I like to wrap them in a tortilla or spread them across a pizza. Enter this meal.

Cutaway Quesa

Earlier in the week, we picked up a PSMO from Sam's I used for planked tenderloin. As I always do, when I butchered the meat I saved the chain for leftovers (I have previously described this process, which was over 3 ago...wow).

The chain is just as good as the tenderloin meat and when cut into small strips and fried on cast iron, it is fabulous.

Waiting Chain

To fry, I placed a cast iron griddle directly on the grates of the Summit and heated the grill to direct medium. Start by adding oil to the grate and sauteing a mixture of diced onion and shallot. Cook until soft and translucent.

With the meat cut into strips and seasoned well with salt and pepper, add to the griddle and fry for approximately 5 minutes or until cooked to your liking.


With the meat and onion mixture finished, add a scoop of meat to a large quesadilla and top with cheese. I also added a mixture of sour cream and pureed chipotles, but anything will work. Fold the tortilla in half and return to the griddle cooking each side for about 2 minutes, or until the tortilla darkens and the cheese melts.

Cheese & Tenderloin Quesadilla

This simple process can turn any bit of leftovers into something completely different. In fact, I am completely convinced you can wrap anything in a tortilla and grill it, except of course for my Sam Adams Latitude 48 IPA. This is fine by me. I prefer my beer properly chilled and without grill marks. The Latitude 48 is a great IPA and thanks to consumer demand it appears to now be available in 6 packs. A grilled quesadilla and a great IPA is my idea of a fabulous dinner of leftovers.