What's on the Grill #190: Chipotle Slathered & Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Planked Root Veg

I complain about them, but it seems I still manage to have them around and worse yet, grill them. I'm talking once again about boneless-skinless-lifeless chicken breasts. On their own, they are like a Chevy Nova on blocks, a no-go. However, when said chicken breasts are stuffed with pepper jack cheese and topped with a mixture of mayonnaise, bacon and chopped chipotles and grilled on a cedar plank...perhaps I can be persuaded.

As I plank my way around the grill with Techniques for Planking, it really doesn't get any easier than this.


Soak your plank.

Take four chicken breasts and cut horizontal pockets in each. Stuff the pockets with a couple slices of pepper jack cheese. Make a mixture of 1 cup of mayo, 1/2 cup cooked bacon crumbles, 1/4 cup chopped green onion and 1 chopped chipotle chili or about 2 tablespoons of pureed chipotle chilies.

Stuffed Pocket

Drop your chicken breasts on the plank and cover with the slather.

Grill your planked breasts over indirect heat for about 30 minutes.

A little bit of slather

Along with a simple meal comes a simple side: planked veg. Cut up and quarter russet and sweet potatoes, parsnip, red onion and garlic.

Mixing Veg

Parboil your veg and then toss with olive oil, some freshly chopped rosemary and season with salt and pepper. Place the veg on one of your soaked planks and grill along with the chicken for about 30 minute, or until the parsnips can be easily pierced.

Veg on Board

Not only do you have an easy weeknight meal, the planks work great for serving and most importantly you survived a run-in with those despicable chicken breasts. A satisfyingly good time.

Planked Stuffed & Smathered Chicken w/Root Veg