A Weekend in DC

Dome at Dawn

This past weekend, we travelled to West Virginia to meet up with my brother, Tim, and his family to celebrate the life of Kara.  We had a great time and bookended our visit with a side trip into DC.  Having grown up in Northern Virginia during my formative years (Read: Under 21), I often marvel at how we take certain things for granted.  With a couple of years in VA under our belt, journey into the District was often done out of necessity, and not on a whim. 

LincolnCapitol Dome at Night

Fast forward further, I remember hanging out with high school friends at the Lincoln Memorial at night and watching jets take off and land at National Airport.  As I get older, I learn the sad lesson of not enjoying the moment, until it passes.

Top of the Washington Monument

It was nice retracing old steps with Zoe, Bean, & Anne.  In our typical fashion, we marched through town and hit the sights.


In even more typical fashion, we ended up at the Capitol City Brewing Company for dinner.  Situated next to Union Station and located in the front of the historic Postal Square Building, we had a fine evening of pub grub and craft beer.  I opted for a beer sampler.

Capitol City Brewing Company

I know, no surprise.  In the end, my favorite was easily the Prohibition Porter.

My Beer "Sampler"

Upon our return to WV, we were treated to the Alamo Drafthouse.  Based primarily in Texas, this part movie theatre, part restaurant, part craft beer bar, is my idea of an evening.  Is there anything better than a movie with dinner and beer? 

It was a wonderful weekend and better yet, I was able to pick up some Yuengling at a gas station on the way back to Ohio.  I was in need of gas…and a good session beer.  Thank you anonymous gas station woman at undisclosed gas station location not near where I live.