What's on the Grill #175: Cod-Kabobs

After two weeks of eating anything...with chips, it was obvious the weekend was going to have a health factor. Sorta. Nothing says healthy outdoor cooking more than grilled fish. Now as much as I like fish, more often than not it is Zoe that pushes me in the direction of an aquatic based dinner.

Better yet, Zoe picked up an idea from a cookbook for skewered and grilled fish, which we adapted into Cod-Kabobs. Cod is a fairly firm fish, and suits itself well to riding a skewer and hanging out on the grates. Just as long as your grates are clean and oiled, when done, all of your fish should remain on the skewer and off the grill.

Prepped Cod Sticks

We took two pieces of cod which I cut up into roughly one inch cubes. The cod was threaded onto skewers along with cherry tomatoes. The skewered fish was then covered with olive oil, rolled in panko breadcrumbs, and seasoned with salt and pepper.

With the grill prepped for direct medium heat, the skewers were grilled for approximately 10 minutes and fliped once half way through. It is easy to see when the cod is done, as it begins to flake easily. Be sure to take them off the grill before they are overcooked.

Grilled Cod-Ka-Bobs

The Cod-Kabobs were a nice way of having something rather boring. The tomatoes and panko added a different texture and taste which I imagine I will turn to...when needing to eat healthy, that is. Now to be completely up front, Zoe thought she didn't buy enough fish. So, in order to placate me, she picked up a bone-in ribeye too. Yes, I ate healthy fish...but I also ate some great beef too. Old habits die hard I suppose, but at least I had them both without chips.