Mike LangBeer, Homebrew

Would you like a little Yeti in your beer?

Mike LangBeer, Homebrew
This Saturday will be our third brew day gathering of the Backyard Brewing Association's 2010 series. As has been the trend the last year, if it's cold outside, expect sun. If it's warm outside, expect rain. Rain is, of course, on tap for the weekend.

Although rain or shine, Saturday shall provide more maintainment than usual. Drew and I will have a quasi dry/wet rib cook-off and we will discuss ideas for a brewing association shirt. In somewhat related news, we will also quash any ideas Eric has of renaming our brewing group "The Butterflies". I wish I could say I was kidding, but I'm not.

As with any brew day, I sauntered down to our local home brew shop, Brewtensils, to pick up my grain bill. Also, as any of us will attest to, a trip to Brewtensils, also means a visit next door to Dayton's premier craft beer shop, Belmont Party Supply. While there I picked up a 6 of The Point's Amber Classic and a bottle of Great Divide's Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.

Oak Aged Yeti from above...

I picked up The Point for two reasons. One, we have family in Steven's Point Wisconsin, where The Point is located: win. Second, Dad sent me this article about some of the winners from the World Beer Cup in Chicago. Unfortunately, The Point style that won was their wheat, and not their Amber: Fail.

Glass 'n Bottle

Anyway, I cracked open the Yeti and wow, what a beer. I love Imperial Stouts...I mean seriously love them. The Oak Aged Yeti hit all of the right notes: carmel, roasted malt, the woody oak, but the hops...the hops were too much for me in this style. I love hops too, but if the Oak Aged Yeti's Stout/Hop combo where a Reese Peanut Butter Cup, I would want your chocolate out of my peanut butter, pronto.