What's on the Grill #169: Stuffed Fatty

I would like to think this blog, at times, kicks out food from the upper end of the culinary scale (Of course I sometimes dream I have hair too). So, in between fun with lamb, fish, and Thai, I also like to grill things that by name alone cause your heart to either miss a beat, or just plain stop. Enter tonight's feast: The Stuffed Fatty.

For the uninitiated, a "fatty" is BBQ vernacular for a rolled, stuffed, and BBQ'd sausage. These are easy to make, taste good, and frequent consumption will knock off more days from your life than walking against a crosswalk signal.

Special thanks to a poster at the Q Joint for his plastic bag rolling idea. It works great!

Stuffed Fatty

1 lb sausage

1/2 cup shredded cheese

6 slices of bacon


1. Place your sausage inside a gallon sized plastic bag.

Sausage in the Bag

2. Leave the bag open and with a rolling pin, or perhaps your forearms if they're big enough, roll out the sausage flat.

Roll it out


3. With your sausage rolled, take a knife and cut through the sides and top of the bag.

Cut the sides

4. Peel back the plastic bag.

Peel it back

5. With your sausage exposed...uhhh, let me rephrase that, with your plastic bag removed, throw a little rub and cheese on to the middle of the roll.

A little rub

6. Starting at one end, roll up the sausage.

Roll up the cheese

7. Once done, you will have your "log".

It's Log!

8. Prepare your bacon by spreading out 6 slices. If I had more bacon, I would have done a weave. However, I'll save that for next time.

Align the bacon

9. Place your roll one end of the bacon:

Start the roll

and roll it up:

And roll it up

10. Once you have rolled it, you will have a bacon log! Wrap it in plastic wrap, so that it will keep form and throw it in the fridge.

Once again, it's log!

11. Set up your grill for indirect medium. Once ready, grill your fatty indirect for about an hour, or until the internal temperature hits 160 degrees.

On the Grill

12. Serve and eat!

Ready to eat

For something so easy, and in a way, incredibly deadly, the Fatty is incredibly good. I didn't have much on hand for tonight's, but have grand plans for Fatty's for our next brew day. Can you say goat cheese and basil?

The Fatty

Fatty's make a great appetizer, an easy meal, and even better, great leftovers. In fact, a Twitter friend of mine, Marc (who's from the Netherlands!), already cranked out his own after seeing my Flickr pics pop up over the weekend. His looked great, and so will yours!