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A little decompression...

Mike LangGrilling
Thanks to the magic of in air wifi, I'm posting this from 36000 feet somewhere over New Mexico (I think). We are heading to Las Vegas with some friends for a few days, and have been chasing the sun west as it prepares to set on the west coast.

Welcome to Lego Vegas

Somehow, I have managed to find myself behind in posting. Not behind as in "I haven't done anything post worthy", but behind as in "I've got meals completed, ideas in the wings, and still some sauce on my lips". This never happens.

Since I have been sitting here doing nothing monumental but numb every nerve ending on my butt, I decided to fire up the laptop and knock a few posts out. Great idea, except I realized I never uploaded the photos to Flickr, which are unfortunately stored back home on the server. Whoops.

Instead of writing about blue cheese burgers on focaccia and grilled goose, I could go on about my airline peanuts and coffee, but they aren't grilled, so I won't. So, per the gang at Grilling Companion, I will put $10 on Red and then search out as many good meals as I can find. That is, after all, my thing.

In the meantime, check out this article from Serious Eats on the Sous-Vide cooking of steaks. Dustin and I have been watching and talking about this for awhile. I certainly don't want anything to tear me away from the grill, but the results and premise are interesting.