Mike LangBeer, Photography

Beer Garden

Mike LangBeer, Photography

Shiner Ad, originally uploaded by abbearden.

I had the coolest Flickr comment today from Flickr user Abbearden. He took my "Beer Garden" photo from last summer and created this most amazing Shiner ad mock up with it. I am thrilled he found inspiration from my shot.

I took the picture in my pre-Lightroom days. It was posted right out of the camera. No post work at all. You can tell how Abbearden was able to really punch it up. I think he did a hell of a job.

I understand the limits of my artistic ability, which is why all of my photos are copyrighted creative commons "share alike". If someone can take something I have done, and make it even better, I think it is the making of a fabulous unexpected collaboration. Very neat.  Now if only Shiner will notice…