What’s on the Grill #139

Ribs, Scallops, & Beans…oh my!  Another Saturday comes along, and I am lucky to have my good friend Brian and family spend the afternoon with us.  When Brian is around, there are few things you can count on: plenty of beer, plenty of food, and never a dull minute.  Good times indeed.

Smoke Rising on the 26

Early in the afternoon, I prepped 3 racks of ribs for the 26 inch kettle.  I have been on the curve on my way towards mastering the heat control for long indirect cooks on this beast.   I finally made some progress.  I filled up both indirect baskets to the top with unlit coals and then added only 5 lit coals to each side.  The bottom vent was closed almost all of the way, and the top vent was left open until the temperature gauge climbed above 200.  Success.

Racks on Edge

I placed a drip pan in the bottom of the kettle, which was filled with an unnamed beer I keep in the hot garage (if that gives you any indication as to what I think of said beer).  After prepping the ribs by removing the rib membrane and covering them with rub, I placed them on a rib rack.  Apple was my smoking wood of choice for the day.

Brian doing his thing

The coals worked out great, as I was able to (finally)  maintain 250 for the 4 plus hours the ribs cooked.  That’s Brian above tending to the Summit. 

Baked Beans...and Beans...and Beans

A great addition to the meal, was an incredible baked bean dish Josh of Meatwave posted about last summer.  With five different types of beans and a boat load of honey and brown sugar, these things were incredible.  I believe they have risen to a “must have” location on our summer menu.

The Return of the Scallops

Brian grilled his famous parmesan breaded scallops. Instead of grilling them on a sheet, he put them straight down on the grates.  As before, these things were fabulous.  I could not get enough. 

Sliced Up

With a little Stone Double Bastard to start the afternoon off and a ton of food to wrap things up, we were all on our way to a food coma.  My idea of a great Saturday.