Mike LangBeef, Chicken, Grilling, Pizza


Mike LangBeef, Chicken, Grilling, Pizza

After countless wasted hours, my PC is finally working again.  I will spare everyone the long drawn out story.  What I will say is thank goodness for Windows Home Server.  Once I had the hard drive, I had the disk re-imaged and running in about 3 hours.  Phewww....

During my downtime, I was planning on a bunch of posts documenting some grilling/cooking adventures over the past week, but honestly I have forgotten too many details to make it worth while.  Instead, I will hit the highlights!

Pan Grilled Fillet

With the temperature below zero last week, I still managed to fire up the grill...but cheated on one night and pan fried some fillets instead.  As I have yammered on about before, I will only have fillet if there is something to go with it.  Since we were cooking inside, it was very easy to whip up a red wine reduction along with some sauteed shallots.  The extra bonus was the sweet potato soufflé so made.  That stuff is addicting. 


The rest of the weeks I felt uninspired and a little like a one trick pony.  The highlights worth talking about were grilled chicken wings and a Mexican pizza with refried beans, chorizo, onion, and fresh mozzarella.  One note on the pizza.  Check out this post on Dave's blog, weber_cam.  Thanks to Dave, I made pizza dough that turned out perfectly round.  He has a great video on rounding dough that I found to be tremendously helpful.