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The Brew Cart

Mike LangHomebrew

Ever since I eyed The Drew's brew cart several weeks ago, I knew I had to make one.  Well want no more:

Operation Brew

After eyeing the pictures I took of Drew's cart, I used Google Sketch-Up to render the final design (not because I needed to of course...just because it was cool to have a print out of the thing!) .  Ideally, this cart is the push to get me to go all-grain.  I used the cart as an excuse to ditch my counterflow wort chiller too.  With the gravity set-up, I have no way of getting enough height to work the wort through the chiller.  Instead, I built an immersion chiller out of 3/8 inch copper.  I was going to scrap the counterflow for the copper, but in in the end decided to keep it.  The immersion chiller should make things a little easier...especially sanitation.

New Chiller

The cart also makes for great storage.  Like Drew, I attached some caster wheels to the bottom so movement is a breeze.  I also hung my water filter on the side and spent some time this morning fitting some hose pieces and a hose rack so I could manage the hose run into the garage for kettle filling and running the chiller.

When I rolled the cart into the driveway yesterday, Zoë was shocked at the size and thought I had made a Trojan horse.  A Trojan horse?  Oh no.  If that was the case, I would have made a Trojan rabbit.  Run away...run away...

Tomorrow is brew day.